Learn the art of making coffee

By attending the complimentary barista training course we offer for you and your workforce.


Why attend a barista training?

Barista training is essential in learning the process of espresso making and ensuring the delivery of exceptional quality coffee in every cup. We have been training Baristas for more than ten years, and we can assure you that our expertise will help you in every step of the way – From extraction to milk techniques.

We will also give you many ideas to generate more profit in your coffee business that will outshine your competitors.Our training program is taught in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that takes place at our customer’s premises or the training facility of our office. The training program will thoroughly train you to excel along every step of making great cappuccinos and lattes.

Our barista trainers will continuously share their knowledge with the baristas to help them develop the techniques and skills required.

Trainees will be introduced to the coffee of our favourite Italian roaster Carraro Coffee.

Training courses must be booked from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m, six days a week.

Basic Barista Course

Our basic course will make you an expert with the following teachings: Why be a barista Understanding the concept of coffee and your chosen blend. Understanding of the coffee equipment. How to set the coffee grinder How to set the espresso machine and pull a shot of perfect espresso Understand the technique of steaming and foaming of milk. The coffee menu. Learn the differences between the different types of coffee. Cleaning and maintaining your coffee machinery.

Advanced Barista Course

To attend the advanced barista course, you need to complete the Basic Barista Course.* This course will teach you: How to set up your coffee grinder An introduction to Latte art. Ideas for better customer services. Ways to improve your business. Trainees will receive a Barista Certificate upon completion of the course.


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